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Yogi of the Month

Sandra Chamberlain

Sandra Chamberlain Onyx Yogi of the MonthI find myself looking forward to the end of the work day to head across the mountain ridge from Bedminster to Warren to reach my favorite spot on the floor, and I am usually at one of the weekend classes if not both days.  For me, Onyx is a place to take time for myself and enjoy all the variety of teachers with their various talents to set the mood to lift my spirits and clear my mind.  And as the teachers often suggest we dedicate the practice to a loved one, I am usually thinking of my mother.  My mom is now 90 years old and she is my inspiration to strengthen my body so that my bones will be strong, my spine will be upright and my mind will be sharp.  In honor of Grandparents Day, here’s a picture of my mom and me….yes, I am holding her upright to help her stand!

My passion is being outdoors in a garden.   As a child both my grandparents had gardens (vegetable and flower) and I always wandered through the rows of plants enjoying their smells, beauty and taste.  My father also had an incredible vegetable garden and spent hours outdoors raising summer/fall crops to feed our family of 7 with enough to share with our neighbors.  With all the deer in Warren, my attempt to raise a vegetable garden lasted only four years  and we turned my 1000 square foot garden into an outdoor pool oasis.  Now we visit local farmers markets for our produce.  However,  I do have flowers and other plantings all over our property and can’t pass by an empty planter without wanting to get my hands in the dirt and fill it up.  So, my give-back to Onyx is just that.  I hope that many of my fellow yogis have enjoyed the visual appeal of the two urns near the Annex entrance with the plantings of dusty miller, dracaena spikes, and vinca flowers, along with the scents of rosemary, lavender,  mint. Perhaps you have enjoyed these herbs in your water. 

And, if anyone is wondering what happened to the plant that was in the Onyx lobby, it has found a great home!

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