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Tracy Hart

Tracy Hart July Teacher FeatureI started my yoga journey about ten years ago by taking vinyasa flow classes.  I enjoyed the movement and the challenge of the postures, but my mind was so distracted that I had difficulty going beyond the physical exercises to something deeper.  I then came across kundalini yoga – it was new and different and I felt more relaxed and energized after each class.  It made a positive impact on my everyday life and allowed me to go deeper into my vinyasa practice.

I find fulfillment in my job as a high school ceramics teacher because it allows me to share my love of art.  So when I found the benefits of kundalini yoga, I wanted to learn more so that I could teach it to others.  This idea lead me to take the 200-hour teacher training program at Kundalini Yoga East in New York.  Seeking even more knowledge, I pursued another 200-hour training program at Urban Bliss Yoga in North Carolina, which provided me with a strong foundation for teaching vinyasa flow classes. 

Whether I am teaching kundalini yoga or vinyasa yoga, I take the knowledge and benefits of each tradition to maximize the impact of the classes that I teach.  I encourage students to listen to their bodies, to do their best, to take modifications when needed, and to work to find a deeper connection to their practice.  Whether it is a breathing exercise, a kundalini kriya, a vinyasa flow, or a deep relaxation while I play the singing bowls, I strive to provide an experience that will benefit students in their yoga practices and in their daily lives.

I am thankful for the opportunity to teach kundalini yoga at Onyx and find that there is something truly special about the students at this studio.  Even on days when my energy is low, just greeting the students, who are excited for the class, raises my vibration.  By the end of each class, I am as energetic and grateful as the students are for this shared experience.

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