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Barbara Fritze

April Teacher Feature Barbara FritzeMy first yoga class was many years ago in my local gym.  I knew then this was more than a fitness class. I felt a peace and relaxation that at that time was a bit unfamiliar.   As life continued, the busy pace of working as a hairstylist with long hours of physical activity and rushed lunch breaks took its toll. This lifestyle also included a weekend schedule of many late nights with not the healthiest of activities. I soon found myself lacking sleep and struggling with anxiety and panic attacks. These struggles became so difficult I couldn't fly without medication to relax and began taking antidepressants. 

On one trip to California to visit my brother I decided to stay busy during his work days and went to Golden Bridge Yoga, a yoga studio with many kundalini yoga classes.  I was totally blown away after just a few classes. I felt elevated like never before, a connected feeling that I was part of something much greater. I immersed myself in more and more kundalini yoga. I went to a big summer solstice celebration with more than 2,000 kundalini yoga practitioners; an opportunity to deepen this practice for 10 days on top of a mountain in New Mexico. It was a very profound sacred experience.

Within that same year I enrolled in teacher training in NYC at Kundalini Yoga East. By now I was totally off all medications and had quit smoking. Only recently I furthered my kundalini experience with a Level 2 training for stress and vitality with Mahan Rishi. The person I was, compared to the person I am today, is a sharp contrast. I love my life today. I enjoy every day as a new adventure and I never regret my age; each decade is more exciting than the last. I still do hair as well as teach kundalini yoga. I enjoy travel with my husband and adore my two boxer dogs.  I have a peace and well being I could never have imagined in my youth. I adore the peace at Onyx and the powerful energy all the teachers bring to this wonderful space of nurturing and personal growth. We are all blessed to have this incredible studio.  I am honored to be a teacher here and I look forward to every class I teach so I can continue to pass on this tremendous technology of kundalini yoga as we all evolve as blessed spiritual beings having this beautiful human experience. Sat Nam.

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